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We are a family run business that is proud of our work.

We have over 10 years of experience in repairing, renewing, decorating and double glazing traditional engineered hardwood, soft wood and red hardwood timber windows across the south of England.

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Traditional window and door repair by the experts.

Our restoration service allows you to keep the charm and character innate in traditional timber windows and doors and yet still benefit from modern 21st century energy performance. Once we have refurbished and upgraded your windows you can relax in a warmer, quieter home safe in the knowledge that the original features that property owners love and want are still intact and adding both value and kerb appeal to your property.

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What we do

Draught Proofing
Rattle Proofing
Single Glazing
Double Glazing
Secondary Glazing
Additional Security

Epoxy resin repair

The permanent repair of the decayed or damaged timber has many advantages for the environment and also significantly reduces costs. The durability of Epoxy resin repairs will keep your windows intact and keep the original timber.

Our paint

We use paint engineered with Gennex Colour Technology, it resists colour fading indoors-and stands up to harsh weather conditions outdoors. This means the colour you love stays truer over tie, so you only repaint it when you want to, not out of necessity.

Bespoke windows

Our bespoke windows are made to cloesly mirror single glazed windows, whilst enjoying the benefit of double glazing.

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